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Most of us have had a flutter at one time or another, most commonly a few quid on the Grand National or the F.A. Cup. Some of you may have been lucky and won, but most will have lost. If you placed your bet on the internet you were probably also given a free bet as well. If you placed this free bet on a virtual dead cert you might have won a couple of quid, but most people place the free bet on an outsider in the hope they get lucky - after all, it’s a free bet so it doesn’t matter if you lose. And that’s about as far as most people’s encounters with bookmakers go.

Matched betting (or more correctly, matched odds betting) allows you to pocket the bookmakers’ free bets by laying the same bet at a betting exchange, earning you a useful tax-free income in the process. Matched betting is not gambling: you are placing bets that guarantee you a profit. For more information, read my guide to matched betting.

This site is intended to give you enough information on matched betting to allow you to start making enough to cover your household bills or pay for that extra holiday you want. I will also be writing my progress diary, so those who are sceptical about matched betting or who want to see what the potential returns are can read how I am doing. I will be spending no more than one hour a day on matched betting to show that it can be done even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare.