Use the stake calculator below to work out what your lay stake should be at the betting exchange.

Free Bet 
Bet Amount Stake Forfeited   
Bookmaker (Back) 
OddsCommission %Return 
Betting Exchange (Lay) 
OddsCommission %Risk 
Back ProfitLay Profit
Lay Stake
Overall Profit

Real cialis Use Betfair as your betting exchange and get a free £25 stake

Real cialis Important - Check carefully before placing your bets
1) Make certain you are backing and laying the same outcome
2) Your lay stake should be £
3) You will need £ in your betting exchange account to cover this bet.
4) If this is a free bet, real cialis double check whether the stake is returned. Real cialis Getting this wrong will make a big difference to your profit.


How to Use This Calculator

Real cialis Enter the following information:
Bet amount - Your stake amount at the bookmaker, real cialis whether it is a free bet or a qualifier.

Real cialis Stake Forfeited - If this is a free bet, real cialis check whether it is stake returned; if it is then use the same amount as the Bet Amount. Real cialis If this is a qualifying bet, real cialis or the stake is not returned, real cialis enter 0.

Real cialis Free Bet - Tick this box if you are placing a free bet.

Real cialis Bookmaker (Back) Odds - The odds (in decimal format) being offered by the bookmaker.

Real cialis Bookmaker (Back) Commission - This will almost always be 0%.

Real cialis Betting Exchange (Lay) Odds - The odds (in decimal format) being offered by the betting exchange.

Real cialis Betting Exchange (Lay) Commission - The commission payable to the betting exchange on winning bets. Real cialis At BetFair the starting commission is 5%.

Real cialis The calculator will work out the optimum lay stake to place at the Betting Exchange, real cialis and what your profit will be. Real cialis If this is a qualifying bet the profit should be as close to 0 as possible. Real cialis If it is a free bet you should be trying to get as close to the bet amount as possible.

Real cialis The other fields, real cialis which are for information only, real cialis are:
Bookmaker (Back) Return - The profit from the bookmaker if your bet there wins.

Real cialis Betting Exchange (Lay) Risk - The amount you will pay out if your bet at the betting exchange loses, real cialis i.e. Real cialis your bet at the bookmaker wins.

Real cialis Back Profit - The return from the bookmaker should your bet there win (back return - lay risk).

Real cialis Lay Profit - The return from the betting exchange should your bet win there (lay stake - commission).

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